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> Released a nearly identical product a few years later, and sold it at a ridiculously low price,

If it violates the patents, then why did the company not sue Huawei and get a compensation? If it doesn't violate the patents then what's the problem?

What's wrong with Matebook? It has the same color, a similar shape, and a similar keyboard as a Macbook? If Apple feels that it violates their patents, why don't they sue? US patent laws are pretty strict and this is the normal way to resolve such cases.

Also if you Google a bit, you can see that there are similar lawsuits against US companies. For example, a Korean company believes (and had win in courts in some countries) that Apple has stolen their intellectual property: [1]

Also it is noteworthy how some countries' courts agree that Apple has infringed the patents while other countries' courts disagree.

[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apple_Inc._v._Samsung_Electron....

Yeah you can always be inspired by others. https://wx2.sinaimg.cn/large/9196f7a9gy1g08e99znw9j20u01s612...

Also I wanted to note that the image you linked to compares an iPhone's ads with Xiaomi's (if I am correct) and the image doesn't mention Huawei.

Interesting comparison. But Apple doesn't have clean hands too. Did they invent graphical UI of first Macintosh themselves or were "inspired" by what they have seen at Xerox PARC? Yesterday you copied the GUI, and today you claim that someone has stolen the idea of using rounded edges.

Apple paid Xerox Parc a lot to see things, not to mention xerox parc was heavily invested in pre IPO Apple.

>If it doesn't violate the patents then what's the problem?

Theft of trade secrets is a crime.

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