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As with most things like this in tech (and every other economic sector that has ever existed) it's largely a guild protection and enforcement matter. When economic guilds use an unnecessarily strict 'only proper way of doing a thing,' it is for insulation against outsiders and to enforce their control over the domain they have a personal stake in. To the extent that it's truly petty, that is the extent to which the person shouting about it has very little protection from eg an endless flood of low priced competition (Web developers have historically been very exposed); or otherwise it's just pedantry run wild and a personal issue.

You see this in all professions and without exception, from the exercise industry, to trades like plumbing, to healthcare and everything inbetween. Most of it is bullshit, process-based job security theater. Most major guilds just end up developing higher level cartel-like certification protections to keep them economically secured from competition.

What a terrible attitude towards accessibility. Try surfing the web with your eyes closed and only a screen reader to guide you. I guarantee you'll cheat and open your eyes, maybe then you'll understand.

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