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This is ridiculous. In Poland, everyone implements online wire transfer with immediate confirmations by either:

- using a service like PayU or Przelewy24 that have accounts in every major bank (in-bank transfers are immediate), use bank API to initiate the transfer and provide a confirmation to the merchant when the money arrives on their account (they often allow manual or post-office transfer as a fallback, and Blik too)

- using a service like Blik, which is directly integrated with the bank

- using bank APIs directly

The first option is basically as wide-spread as credit card support; direct withdrawals pretty much don't exist there. A service that would ask for your banking login data and OTPs is unthinkable for me.

It's ridiculous how much of finance works on trust in some countries. It is mind boggling my easy for someone in the UK to steal someone's identity for the purposes of applying for credit cards and loans, and people happily give away their names, addresses, dates of birth, anything for random stuff like winning an iPhone or whatever.

No way anyone's ever getting my bank credentials, even though anything important is approved by phone. It's like giving someone the keys to your home and cash safe, and telling them to be careful with it please :)

In English "blik" looks a lot like "bilk", which means "to steal something by scamming or cheating"

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