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I use https://histre.com/ to take notes and tag.

I've been working on Histre and it aims to be your internet copilot, helping you with painless, seamless knowledge management and other things.

One example use-case is, vacation planning. My gf used to use a spreadsheet to research and shortlist AirBnBs. It was painful. We're off to Portugal in a few days and she used Histre to plan the whole thing. She took notes and tagged AirBnB listings right from their website and filtered it on Histre. She's ecstatic ;-)

I'd love to hear from you (k@histre.com) and I'll build any features that'll help you.

I am confused by what exactly it is that you are trying to do. It kinda sounds like I should upload my internet history to you and then I can tag it? Or do I search through your site?

Thanks for checking it out and giving me feedback. I definitely need to improve how I describe it.

Right now it does:

1. Improved history (tree style, time spent, dedupe)

2. Improved bookmarks + notes + tags; that is, you can go to any website and take notes and type #tags in your notes. When you go to https://histre.com/notes/ you'll see all your notes. You can filter by tags, search etc.

3. Low Friction Publishing : when you take notes as described above, you can add #pub and the note will be published and be available on your public page. Here are some notes other members have published: https://histre.com/pub/all/

You'll soon be able to share with just your team, and see only relevant notes/bookmarks from others in the topics that interest you.

I'll also send this to you by email so that you get notified. Please let me know what you think. Thanks!

I also use histre to help me with any research I do online, especially when I start a new project at work. It's nice to be able to quickly collect things and have them already organized for me. Plus it keeps me from having to keep a million tabs open, which is a relief! ;) Thanks for making it!

I do have a feature request for you: I'd like to be able to share my project research links and notes with just my team. That would make histre super useful to me.

Awesome, I'm happy to hear it! Yes, I'm working on "teams" feature already, and I'll have that ready soon.

I use it, thanks for building it! I like being able to take notes and tag pages without having to find a folder in the tree of Chrome bookmarks.

Cool, thanks! Please let me know any feature requests that you have.

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