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I don't buy Apple products (well not exactly true I have a MacBook but only because I'm forced to use that to build for iOS). But for my app which uses 1st party login or Facebook as an alternative I am now forced to provide Apple login. If Google follows suite I'll be forced to provide Google login on Android, etc. Probably I'll just end up removing all third party login too much of a hassle, although I'll definitely lose users.

I’m not trying to be a dick, I’m genuinely interested. Why would you make a product for a platform you don’t support? Feels like a vegan owning a hamburger shop.

Is it the market size that keeps you in the iOS space? Are you on other platforms? What are the revenue/cost/effort ratios for each? Does it make sense to focus on non-iOS options?

probably because it's the most profitable platform. iOS easily makes more money than Android even though it has less users. In my experience, it's not close.

Shocker. I heard you are also forced to buy a Windows PC to write software for Windows!

You aren't, you can now do that on Linux with .Net core (sans testing it).

Well if you’re happy with that then you can write your app with Xamarin Mono for iOS in Visual Studio. You can do it all in C# without even learning Swift or Objective C.

Or could cross-compile it with mingw-w64.

This is my biggest fear btw, I am making an App, and I realize I am getting close to needing to buy an Apple product to hit compile (Javascript) and fix bugs.

The only thing you can do is educate consumers on the evils of Apple and hope they make better decisions in the future.

What better decision can they make?

Buy a competing product; that will help to erode the Apple monopoly.

That's similar to what happened to Windows Phone. They opened up development towards the end since they could no longer justify forcing developers to behave the way they wanted; they simply didn't have the market share to enforce it.

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