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Tech support for family, friends, coworkers.

I do all that too, it rarely, if ever, involves math. Installing this, formatting that, removing some virus, installing some hardware, configuring the OS or a program yes.

Yes, a lot of the tech support falls into your enumeration, but I was Chief Scientist at a company for over six years, an OS Architect at IBM for five years and subsequently have done years of part time consulting at a number of startups. It's not unusual to be in someone's office or even having coffee with my daughter (she studying engineering) when some question that involves simple calculations comes up, things like "Is this algorithm warranted given the data set size?". One of my degrees is in math and perhaps this leads me to think quantitatively about many questions.

In my own office I use perhaps a dozen machines. Servers running FreeBSD, OpenBSD, or Linux. Linux, Windows, and Mac desktops and laptops. Few are actually set up as Python development machines (those of course have recent Python installed), but having a ubiquitous tool for simple calculations (or even short scripts) is quite handy on all of the others.

My work might not be typical: I have been programming for over half a century and I started making use of Python for simple programs in the Python 1.2 time frame around 20 years ago. I'm not really a Python developer, but I appreciate it as a useful tool--even as a keyboard driven calculator.

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