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> Learned as junior: If you report an OS bug or some other deep problem, seniors will not believe you

Same thing happens in reverse! ;)

A few years back I told 3 devs who reported to me that there was a bug in Laravel database sub system.

The bug was: If you use the word "returning" in any Laravel insert query the system would crash (Laravel 3 & 4).

None of my guys would believe me!

I finally tracked the bug down to

> laravel/database/connection.php

> public function query($sql, $bindings = array()) > { > ... etc ... > elseif (stripos($sql, 'insert') === 0 and stripos($sql, 'returning') !== false)

I sent an email to the Laravel team and never got a response... but the bug stopped happening some time after that ;)

I think it was relate to mySQL version as well.

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