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I can’t fathom the decision-making that led to spending the time to go down to the store for some instant gratification and then leaving over a $2 difference.

Because you don't want to reward bald-faced manipulation. It's not about saving two dollars.

It’s not manipulation. They mention the price difference on their website:


Beyond that, the in-store price is considered to be the “normal” pricing. You are getting a discount on the website.

So instead you reward amazon treating its employees terribly.

No, the reward is for the convenience.

They are both really convenient though.

What do you call the manipulation that amazon does then?

Reliability and sound logic are big for me. Amazon is more consistent in that that are always squeezing.

I don’t like a company that sometimes squeezes and sometimes caresses.

Presumably it was the principle of the matter. Bait and switch generally being seen in a negative light...

probably spent $2 in gas too... but sometimes it's just principles.

Sunk cost fallacy? At the very least he learned to not bother going to that bookstore for future purchases.

Unless he doesn't want to wait for the book... which is the reason he said he went there to begin with. Doesn't Amazon also charge extra to get your stuff faster (Prime subscription)?

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