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> It's standard OATH just like FB

Doesn't it require an active developer subscription?

> That's no more of an issue than if you are using any other IDP

Google and FB are pretty lenient about who is allowed to use their sign in and i haven't heard of any horror stories. Comparatively apple is very aggressive in removing apps.

> iOS users are a small user base?

It's like 12-25% of users which is not a lot and it is very highly overlapping with people having FB/google accounts already, so it definitely seems like an "optional" sign in option.

You’re not selling an app worldwide. In the affluent countries: http://gs.statcounter.com/os-market-share/mobile/worldwide

-United States 54%

-United Kingdom 49%


- Japan 70%


-Australia 56%

Even if you take into consideration poorer countries, the more affluent population still has iOS devices.

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