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Yes but as a user I don’t care. If a developer gets booted then it’s probably because the developer didn’t do something that was in the best interest of the user. Probably frustrating for developers, but again, not my problem. I also highly doubt Apple would do this without a good reason, so again, this is pro-user. As a user, I don’t care if it’s annoying to implement some feature or other or computer with onerous requirements. If a developer doesnt want to comply, then shut down the company.

I don’t understand this complaining. Everyone who has a business has to deal with these sorts of things. That’s why people pay businesses, so we don’t have to deal with the hassle. This is the essence of running a service, such as developing apps.

> that was in the best interest of the user

Or in the best interest of Apple.

As a user, why should I care if it’s also in the best interest of Apple? As a user, I want to use my phone and use services on that phone. The business position of Apple does not concern me. Users only care about what’s best for them. Apple stopping companies from screwing me over sounds great from my perspective. As far as I’m concerned, Apple can make as much money as they want, it’s no skin off my teeth.

“But then Apple will be a monopoly and you’ll get screwed anyway”. Maybe. But no more than I’m already being screwed by every other cable provider, cell phone company, data broker...etc. I like Apple products. I will continue to spend too much money on them. I’d rather be screwed by Apple in exchange for some pro-user policies, than screwed by every other company that’s already screwing me in exchange for...oh right, nothing.

When the best interests of Apple and the best interests of its customers diverge sufficiently, the customers will leave. This is their entire pitch, so they better get it right. At least people need not worry that advertisers would be Apple's true customers.

>If a developer gets booted then it’s probably because the developer didn’t do something that was in the best interest of the user.

This is not true with Apple. They often ban superior apps to force their users to use Apple's inferior apps.

Once you understand this, you will be able to understand that this isn't pro-user at all. This is giving Apple control, and making it harder to switch in the future.

Do you have any examples? I can’t think of any instance apple forced users to an inferior app, besides either an app blatantly violating user privacy (like tracking children) or a company they outright purchased, like Siri and what is now Shortcuts.

I’m not saying it’s definitely never happened, but I’d be love to read about some examples.

I’ve noticed the exact opposite. The Apple apps are surprisingly basic. If I want any real functionality, I’m forced to buy a third party app which results in Apple getting more money. They have direct motivation to avoid doing what you claim. How would they make money on their own free apps?

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