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Why do we think Apple is not going to start reading this forwarded email and then using it to target ads? Sign-in with Apple makes them gmail... but without having to provide a web interface for reading email.

I do like the layer of indirection, but I have to imagine that someday the shareholders are going to ask "why not target ads like Google is doing" and they're not going to have a good answer.

Because (if you watched the talk or read the transcript) they already explicitly stated that they will not?

They've also explicitly stated that they will not record any information about interaction with a service.

Based on Apple's general approach to data security, I suspect that there is no "company A got alias address Y" table. In principle all that they need is a table of alias->real. On the other hand maybe it would be useful to have such a table in the case a site gets compromised/starts selling information?

But they have stated explicitly in a public video that they will not record interactions or emails you send, so I'm sure it would be lawsuit city if the reneged on that.

The piece which requires state is the 'user consented to sharing data X with app Y' bit so that the user can change that consent in the future.

The email relay address could feasibly be just a reference to that state.

Because the moment they do that they lose the whole reputation they’ve spent years and years building as the ‘privacy focused tech company’. User trust goes out the window.

Wasn't Google the "don't be evil" tech company that all the "influencers" suggested their friends switch to over to when Altavista was being shady?

You guys trust companies wayyyy too much.

First of all, iCloud does have a web interface. Second of all they can’t read your email. Reviewing Apple’s numerous explanations of how the system works should make that clear. If paranoia gets the best of you, nobody is forcing you to implement sign in with Apple and you are free to not use sites that do.

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