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They have to store the information, if for nothing else than to correctly forward emails to your real address.

They have a list of what websites i sign into with my Apple ID. Which is more information than they used to have. If you switch from signing in with your email address to signing in with your apple ID, that's one more entity that knows about that relationship than otherwise would.

I'm not trying to say this is a bad thing, I love what apple's doing here. I'm just trying to push back against any suggestions that apple is giving something up. They are collecting more data about their users now than they were previously, and positioning themselves as the gatekeeper of user identity. There's every indication that they're doing this for the right reasons, and it's good for users, but it still increases their control and their stored user data.

To me this suggests then that the absolute amount of data collected isn’t necessarily a useful metric

I'm not quite sure what kind of metric you're referring to, but Apple is simply centralizing data collection of its ecosystems. The incentive is more comfortable service interaction and less entities receiving information about you.

On the other hand, Apple is tightening its control over its own ecosystems as every interaction has to go through them. Moreover, they're inhibiting anonymous usage of services as more and more things required direct or indirect verification of the user. This entices the market to normalize the demand for unique virtual identities.

All they have to record is alias->real in a giant table.

They don't need to record what app or service got the alias address, and they explicitly state that they do not record any details about interaction with your service, or any emails that go through the alias. It's an explicit statement in the linked talk.

When someone starts forwarding illegal content via these accounts the feds will ensure that the recipients are disclosed.


Which accounts doing what?

Businesses sending to a cloaked email?

The mapping but not necessarily the user's activity.

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