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Maybe I'm misunderstanding, but I believe Apple still absolutely has your real data as well as the ability to link it to all the anonymous throwaway addresses. They just chose not to give away that data for free to every app that is asking nicely.

I agree, this is some win for privacy against random rogue apps, but I don't see how Apple would secede anything.

Could you elaborate?

If you watch the video or read the transcript they explicitly state that they do not record any of the information.

They obviously have a mapping of cloak address -> real address, but there's no requirement for them to have any record of which apps got which addresses.

This is not hard to determine. E-mail messages have headers, and the app will send registration e-mail to the cloaked address. So all it takes is scanning the e-mail headers of stored mail.

The do mention that they allow users to disable individual aliases at any time. Which would indicate that they do at least mark that for the user.

Psst…you probably meant “cede” instead of “secede”.

Ah, right. Thanks!

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