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I'm not really sure what you're ranting about. Are you under the impression that I'm implying third party identity federation is something new? Because I'm not.

I'm implying that, it's great that we have an additional identity provider who isn't a drug addict about user data like google and facebook are, that's run by a company who has shown a history of actually caring about user privacy. It gives those of us that are concerned about privacy, an option to use for identity federation.

And I'm saying the opposite, that it's great that Apple's using an existing standard (which implies they didn't invent it) instead of doing something totally custom.

It sounds like you had that post already written and ready based on this being an apple post.

Well it seems you were more thrilled to use it instead of Google or Facebook. You could have already used gitlab or some other privacy oriented service already. So yeah what parent said seems true.

Use “sign in with GitLab” as a login for a consumer app? Are you really suggesting that?

How many non developers have GitLab accounts? He’ll, how many DEVELOPERS have GitLab accounts?

That’s like saying “you should’ve put Sign In With AutoParts Warehouse” in a site about taking puppy pictures. Who the hell is GitLab? (Is what 99.9% of people would say)

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