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Evernote honestly explains their absurd freemium conversion rate (youtube.com)
9 points by jasonmcalacanis 2553 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 5 comments

The perfect implementation of freemium for a product people love. Of course if your product is not good, you can't think long-term like this. Lesson is: make a great product, then think for the long run in terms of your business model.

Every time I turn my back on freemium, something makes me turn my head again..

In this video the founder of @evernote goes open kimono on conversion rates.

3% overall only .5% in the first month 2.5 years in over 20% pay

Amazingly honest discussion from a $10M freemium business.

Great product (I use it daily), very glad they didn't jump into the dead pool. Any one else use Evernote here?

sounds like a pretty rad place to work

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