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The way you've phrased it, it sounds like you think what you're saying is obvious, but it's not obvious to me. What are you saying?

If universities are producing graduates who can't advocate for themselves, can we fix that while they're still in university? Or maybe even secondary/primary education?

I think that’s the assumption, but it takes a lifetime to do that. Being an advocate for yourself is the defining characteristic of adulthood, to me. I don’t think it’s something you pick up in the classroom, it’s very experiential. So I would be happy if people did things like work and live on their own during a gap year, then go back to college.

I definitely think this skill shouldn’t be tied to university.

Graduates have a problem: massive debt. FAANG offer a solution: high salary. Until this situation changes, you'll see a steady flow of fresh meat into the grinder.

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