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> "Good enough is good enough"

+1000 to this. Please don't be the guy that slows me down and prevents me from delivering features because you insist on everything being perfect. I can't tell you how many times and how much money people who are obsessed with code quality waste. They spend months polishing code only to get out a feature that no one uses and doesn't matter. But hey, the code is "perfect"!

Who defines what "good enough" means? Is it basic functionality? What if that basic functionality contains security vulnerabilities? What if it is written in such a way that will cause potential, foreseeable problems down the road? What if it is written in such a way that it is only understandable to the author? What exactly is "good enough?"

I’ve found it’s far better to error on the side of speed and work pragmatically on features rather than trying to deliver perfection. That’s just me though. Nothing is going to be free of defect or perfectly secure.

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