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The point of having employee representation in the board isn’t putting a janitor in the board room, it’s putting someone on the board who represents the interests of employees first. She doesn’t have to be a regular employee.

I think it’s the kind of idea that sounds good on paper, but it’s trivially easy to corrupt someone once they’re in that sort of position of power.

An employee council could provide a person to the board, with the power to replace that person as they see fit.

Make it so the representative is paid directly by the workers via a mandatory fee (whatever sum is necessary to pay their salary), and then make it illegal for the company to pay or reward that board member in any way. If the latter is breached, put the company's CEO in jail. No weaseling out with "fines" or "settlements" -- straight to jail.

Maybe my version is slightly too extreme, but I think we can be creative enough to find a good solution for this. It doesn't sound impossible to me at all. Other countries already have similar laws in place.

So, a Union? Isn't this basically what a Union is? Paying fees (dues) for continued employee representation.

Sounds like Unionizing is what people are looking for, but not calling it that.

I don't see a distinguished difference between any ideas of employee representation like this and a professional/labor union.

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