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I’ve posted it before. But it gets confusing on the global stage. Software Engineer is a protected title in some countries. In mine it means studied a great amount of advanced math in college, almost nothing else. We usually prefix it with a word that tells if we studied 3 or 5 years. SE in US seems to mean just Software Developer I guess?

In Ontario, Canada you can call yourself a Software Engineer. It's prefixing that title with, Professional that will get you in trouble if you're not licensed with the Professional Engineers of Ontario under the Professional Engineers Act.

Requirements are pretty high: http://www.peo.on.ca/index.php/ci_id/2057/la_id/1.htm

But I suppose industry/capitalism loves the fact that we don't require licensing in order to produce software even if use of said software should be safeguarding health, property, economic interests, etc.

In Quebec, Canada Software Engineer is a protected title and you must be registered with the Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec (http://oiq.qc.ca)

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