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Any predictions about whether the Google Walkout ends up feeling, five years from now, as the beginning of a movement or a flash in the pan?

5 years? I think it already has mostly been forgotten

What are you talking about? It comes out like often in my world?

> often in my world?

I work in tech and have friends in the Bay area that work in tech and it never comes up. I honestly had forgotten Google had a walkout until this Hacker News post today. Your online search bubble / real life bubble might be heavily biasing you.

It comes up at work consistently in "future of the industry" kinds of discussions or when I get drinks with old coworkers and we talk about parts of our jobs we don't like. I've worked at pretty major companies, but also not saying my experience is universal here.

What is "your world" - no one here has even heard of it, or cares. If you take the time to think about it - swapping one incredibly high-paid job for another does not make you a martyr.


"You seem pretty upset" is a pretty passive aggressive statement. In fact, it's openly hostile since it's tantamount to stating that I am not in control of my (perceived by you) emotions (of which there are actually none). Coupled with you pretending to be the aggrieved, polite party, the irony is thick. In fact, needing to write this reply is pretty comical, thanks for the entertainment, I guess.

Edit: The more I think about it the funnier it gets. Do you think I am "not in the tech world" and upset by it? Or that I don't earn a lot of money and am upset at that? I am genuinely curious in the assumptions you made to arrive at the conclusion that I am upset/offended.

"You seem pretty upset" in this context is basically the same as saying "you mad bro?"

I hate when people say that during a discussion or argument.

It was probably your aggressive "no one cares" that got people thinking you're in a bad mood...

Comes up often in my day to day, too. I work in tech (and invest in startups around the future of work). People wonder whether it's the beginning of something more widespread... and nobody's crying a river for Google employees, it's more that sometimes change begins with people in the best position to bargain...

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