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On a complete tangent, I think "rogue" might be the most misspelled word for those that otherwise have good spelling. It's still jarring every time I see it, decade after decade.

And "loose" instead of "lose", but that one is just confusing.

I see "break" ALL THE TIME where "brake" should be used.

    rouge -> rogue
    loose -> lose
    lose  -> loose
    break -> brake
And many more that I can't recall at the moment... In my youth I spent an absolutely obscene amount of energy correcting these people, bit now I just automatically lower the veracity of what they're saying each time I see some literacy problem.

That isn't fair to those people because not everyone speaks English as a first language, and phones autocorrect a lot of things that should not be corrected.

Some of these are actually mistakes native speakers are prone to make, since they didn't learn the language from text first.

"lead -> led" (past tense of the verb "to lead") is also a pretty common one for native speakers.

on the other hand, if nobody had corrected my use of "loose" I wouldn't know it.

I legitimately thought we were talking about reddish colored fiddles for a moment.

"Tounge" really grinds my gears, I don't know why.

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