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> From my perspective it's the everyday chat of my friends, and interesting security-researchers posting their findings.

I wish this was true. I’ve struggled for years to keep my feed about the tech topics I’m interested in. Twitter keeps making that harder and harder.

Now twitter force feeds every viral anti-Trump or political outrage tweet, liked by some random user I followed 4yrs ago, into my main feed.

Their insistence on choosing what content I want to see for me, instead of just the feeds of the people I opted-in to follow, has made it nearly impossible to avoid the cancerous US political and other social issue outrage machine which is what 90% of Twitter’s popular content seems to be.

I had no choice but to abandon Twitter. Unfollowing people who post political stuff was hard enough, unfollowing people who use the like button on political/outrage stuff plus other viral content that surfaces the highest is near impossible.

I hope Twitter makes a ‘retro’ mode where I can just see the actual tweets of only the people I follow in semi-chronological order. With the same option to turn off retweets for certain users, with no "liked" or trending tweets forced in.

> I hope Twitter makes a ‘retro’ mode where I can just see the actual tweets of only the people I follow in semi-chronological order. With the option to turn off retweets for certain users.

I think both of these exist? There's a way to turn off retweets for particular users (it's in the same menu you'd use to mute or block someone) and there's an option to show a plain timeline (uncheck "show the best tweets first").

The plain timeline option doesn't seem to consistently work on the mobile app, but many (most? all?) alternative Twitter clients show you the plain timeline.

Yes I'm sure there's some workaround way to do it either through custom lists or using Tweetdeck (or some other app) but I've tried those and unless it's the primary feed with full native mobile support the UX is awful and Twitter still finds ways to force content on you.

Twitter is pretty simple fundamentally. It is just the feed with some notifications for 90% of the UX. I just want a different kind of primary feed that reflects what it used to be about. Even it's just a tab on the feed. Like how Reddit has "Home", "News", and "Popular" tabs, I just want the home tab.

Just sounds like way more effort than is worthwhile to curate that information and filter out the garbage.

I have very limited connectivity and spend minimal time online, twitter is time wasted for me.

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