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I’m a little confused by your first question. I’m going to guess you’re mostly used to interacting with Windows to browse the web, use Office, or other software specific to your business. In that case, yes, that same computer can be used to program python and people do it all the time. A computer is a computer.

Yes there are some advantages, but those aren’t Windows specific. The advantages also apply to traditional desktops/laptops running MacOS or Linux. There are tools written for those platforms that won’t be available on the pi, although the raspberry pi ecosystem is rich enough that that won’t matter much. There’s also the specs of the machine. A beefier machine can power multiple monitors that can let you see more code at a time. That’s just surface level. We can chat more if you’re interested.

Having said that, sounds like what you have right now is working for you. There’s no need to switch to something else if you’re making progress. It’s pretty cool that you got started this way. I wasn’t aware that python is used by car mechanics.

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