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The code is crap. Wordpress is crap. It's unsafe, open-to-hackers crap. The plugins are crap.

But it solves the problem users want solved. It's lego-level blog assembly, which is as technical as many users want to get. A much "better" system - maybe a nice type-safe Haskell static HTML templater with a command line build system - wouldn't.

Flipping this around, from the user's POV, "I wrote some code that almost does Thing X" is not a solution - it's just some code that doesn't quite do the job.

It's nice that it uses functional programming or formal methods or $shiny_language or ML or whatever. But if it doesn't do the job, it doesn't solve the problem.

I don't agree with the analysis. It's mostly that mainstream life floats on ambiguity and undefined contexts. Wordpress does some things perfect for users but then bug or leak or plugin conflicts happen. While other platform may have solved this prior but it's a problem that users didn't anticipate so they didn't value it.

He didn't say Wordpress solves everyone's problems. That it doesn't solve your problem does not negate his point.

bugs leaks and upgrade conflicts are not my problems but any wordpress user problems

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