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Great post. Lot's of good stuff.

Just to comment on one part at random:

Code reviews would be more useful if review feedback was categorized:

1. is this a matter of personal style? 2. is this a judgement call? 3. is this something that is just wrong and has to be fixed? 4. is this in-scope or actually a separate issue?

(This is off the top of my head, so this is more of an example of the kind of categorization I'm talking about than a proposal.)

It's useful because it helps to set the direction and expectations on what to do about an item of feedback.

E.g. if you have a lot of 1. then the right "fix" might be to spin off a task to develop a common style-guide. (Or maybe fix an out-of-date a style guide, or to enforce an existing style-guide so that these issues don't dominate code reviews, etc.). For 4. the resolution would be to open a ticket (or whatever the process is so it gets proper consideration, prioritization, etc.)

Where I am currently we spend a lot of effort figuring out what to do about review feedback (and I think we too often make non-optimal decisions which sucks time as well).

The last couple of teams I've been on have had the custom of prefixing any issue that is purely stylistic in nature with 'nit:'.

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