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Note that the latest version to ship with mac OS was 2.7, so it didn't exactly ship with well-maintained support

This statement is misleading. Apple kept up with the 2.x versions, the same as almost every linux distro. Only recently have the linux distros started to move on to Python 3.x. And most of them still include Python 2.x (specifically 2.7) as the default `python`, and have added Python 3.x as `python3`.

It is not correct to say that Apple did not maintain support for it.

Current macOS system Python is 2.7.10 (Mojave 10.14.5).

Upstream Python is 2.7.15.

... and 2.7.10 is from May 2015 - 4 years ago

Similarly I think it's misleading to imply Apple ever really encouraged the use of Python given they never shipped with 3. Those minor version upgrades are the bare minimum requirement to produce a stable product.

And I'm not saying those Linux distros are any better, although at least they typically have officially supported Python 3 packages, even if they are not installed in a stock installation.

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