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JSFiddle is big. They tried. They voiced concerns. They asked foe help. They got a ban with no explanation.

Please just join the fediverse. It's broken too, but if you get banned, at least you can open an alt on another server.

Force Twitter to be irrelevant.

The problem is: I have yet to find a person in the fediverse that interests me. I like to read tweets from accomplished people. Successful startup founders for example. Is there anybody out there? Any links to people of significance in the fediverse?

Drew DeWalt is there and a number of others, especially the creators of the fediverse like Eugene and others ;-)

FWIW you can also use an account on i.e. Mastodon to follow twitter users. I suddenly realized because I was following a twitter users through a gateway, probably because someone had boosted a tweet from that account sometime and I had followed based on that.

That should take care of following at least.

I didn't realize this was a feature, and I haven't been able to find any information on how to follow Twitter users in this way. How do you go about doing it? If I can follow select Twitter users on Mastodon, that would really incentivize me to use it further.

This isn't an official feature. People run bots to syndicate tweets. Some people use crossposters.

Mind sharing more information on this? I have a Mastodon account but never even noticed this.

Maybe the real problem is people of "significance" have no simple way of duplicating their posts there? Many seem to desire the biggest audience possible.

The indie web folks have thought about this. Relevant reading:

Publish (on your) Own Site, Syndicate Elsewhere [ https://indieweb.org/POSSE ]

Publish Elsewhere, Syndicate (to your) Own Site [ https://indieweb.org/PESOS ]


> why do you give a shit?

Given your tone, I'm going to guess you're not asking the GP a question in earnest. You should try to think about why they might "give a shit".

Twitter's userbase is its primary feature. Not its shitty UI, not its awful character limit, and none of the stuff mastodon's various UIs are copying. Its userbase.

If you want the fediverse to succeed, you need to understand that. And you need to stop being so accusatory of people who don't use the internet the same way you do, FFS.

(And for the record, I want the fediverse to succeed, but I also use Twitter because userbase)

I don't want the fediverse to "succeed", frankly its the only space for us LGBTQ+ to not be harassed, reply guyed, and screen-capped online that isn't a corporate hellhole.

Edit: "Success" in our current world seems to be defined as the transition Reddit has gone through, where the userbase has exploded, its eaten Facebook's lunch to a fair degree, but the quality of discourse and interaction has dropped like a rock.

I've stopped using Reddit, and such a change would kill my use of the fediverse.

> screen-capped

People are upset that others are taking screenshots of their public posts?

That’s the eternal September. Almost all online communities ultimately either die out or become overflowed by the masses.

I don't understand why that's not okay, though. I get people get attached to communities they're a part of, but just like people, they change and/or die.

If you think about it, it's absurd to expect them not to: Even if the community keeps its member list exactly intact forever, and the members remain at their exact same activity level forever, those very members will change over time. Hell, you will change over time and get to appreciate different qualities of that community.

Same reason my guild's forum feels completely different today than it did 5, 10 years ago.

The problem isn't change per se, but change for the negative brought on by mainstream exposure leading to an influx of new members who don't learn the ettiquette of the community before joining in.

An analogy would be if HN was suddenly overrun with rude, non-technical people attacking other posters and causing drama, and outnumbering the thoughtful and constructive comments and links we come to the place for.

The "eternal september" is particularly sad if you go back and read the archived posts of early usenet - I would kill to get discussion of that quality on the net today.

You can ban people, from instances that you disagree with, from replying/following people on your instance if you like. You can also completely isolate your instance or only federate with a whitelisted cluster of instances.

The person I'm replying to clearly does.

Nethertheless, if the usefulness of something depends on it failing, something's wrong.

The person your replying to explicitly states that you should follow random people off main (the federated timeline) and have a sense of wanderlust rather than following a handful of #thoughtfluencers.

Please see earlier reply: stop being so accusatory of people who don't use the internet (or live their life) the same way you do.

Mock them all you want, in private. Don't bully people because they take selfies, buy tourist gadgets, or follow people you're too good for.

> Why do you give a shit? Why do people have to be famous to be relevant? Follow random people.

Plan A: Use Twitter (or other media like it).

Plan B: Change human nature.

I wish you good luck in your endeavour with Plan B, djsumdog! :)

Because the whole point is that I get insights from people I admire, man. I want to listen to John Carmack, not some random fool. _I'm_ some random fool and if I wanted those opinions I can cook them up myself.

If you want influencers, Mastodon isn't for you. The fediverse is for humans, not celebrities.

Unfortunately, a lot of people do. In order to obtain the critical mass you need for a functioning social network, you need content that a lot of people will want to look at. In this case, that means influencers.

I don't know what your basis is for this assertion, but it's not true in the case of Mastodon. It functions just fine. I don't need some random checkmark bearer on there to enjoy my little corner of the fediverse. The instance I'm on covers its costs with a Patreon. That's true of most I interact with. There is no need for massive scale. Only ad-supported centralized services require that to function.

Not everyone has eating the world as a goal. Lance Ulanoff didn't understand this when he declared Mastodon DOA two years ago because he couldn't find William Shatner, and people continue to make the same mistake. I don't want to follow William Shatner or Lance Ulanoff, so they can stay on Twitter with people who do.

That's for you.

If your goal is to have Mastodon "catch on" and have people transition away from Twitter en masse, then yes, you need William Shatner on Mastodon.

Okay. That's not my goal. I don't who has that as a goal. Is it your goal? Maybe you should talk to Shatner about Mastodon. He's fairly responsive on Twitter.

Even the main Mastodon project instance is funded by a Patreon. I don't think Eugen would complain if he had a few more users, but growth doesn't seem to be the #1 goal. Only the tech press and its target audience seems to care about how fast Mastodon grows. They are free to start a growth-focused instance.

The instance I'm on has 800+ active users. The numbers on closely related instances are probably similar. That's plenty.

>I like to read tweets from accomplished people. Successful startup founders for example.

You can't get your Startup Founder porn from here or one of the other umpteen social sites? 60% of all social media seems to be from "successful founders" or "influencers". Hard to imagine anyone finds a dearth of that stuff.

Avoid the fediverse please, the point is to have a more humane environment, not follow #thoughtfluencers.

If you do join choose your instance wisely, beware that many instances block mastodon.social, freespeechextremist.com and similar for being hot messes that have no moderation. The latter instance in particular has a very persistent hellthread spambot problem, where bots sling nudes without content warnings at people constantly.

Or just host your own instance where you yourself decide what you want to see or not see, and what you want to write or not to write.

>Please just join the fediverse.

What would you recommend to start with? Joining the fediverse is like picking a javascript framework; There are a myriad of instances connected to a multitude of networks which are implementing a bunch of protocols. See https://fediverse.party/

https://mastodon.social an obvious choice as the majority of fediverse is there (so for example hashtags return the most relevant posts).

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