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What is "a wallet code"?

I assume they mean a mining script - so that the person running the jsfiddle would be mining cryptocurrencies, and the proceeds would go to the scammers wallet address.

If that is true, Twitter should also block every newspaper out there. Their bloated websites max out my CPU too.

Get uMatrix and block scripts.

I am thinking code that would leverage browser extension wallets like Metamask and access the wallet of the user and steal the crypto.

It should just be an address, the scam would be to try convince you to send money there.

>> By wallet code you mean a crypto mining script yes?

>I think I saw some variant of this. It's one of those "send some ETH and receive 2x more back!" With fake "live" transaction listing and fake testimonials.

> Edit: if memory serves me correct, the transactions being listed are actually not fake, though the live aspect is. Same transaction always reappear as if they're new if you refresh, and those transactions is the 2x amount that got send back. It's all just the scammers trying to make the site look legit.

- From the above linked GitHub Issue

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