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This is one of the most absurd pieces of writing I've ever read and I'm only half way through.

I had to check again and see whether there was some sanity in the comments before continuing through it.

>Then there are people who come along with a sword, or a gun, or taxes, or crony capitalism, or Communism, or what have you. There’s all these different methods to steal.

What a gem. Taxes, guns, both about the same. Your "wealth" was obviously created in a vacuum, society contributed nothing to it.

>Overall capitalism [meaning free markets] is intrinsic to the human species. Capitalism is not something we invented. Capitalism is not even something we discovered. It is in us in every exchange that we have.

And this makes it more clear that this is about some form of religion.

>I started as a poor kid in India, so if I can make it, anybody can, in that sense.

Wish I could find an expression to accurate capture this sentiment...

>Now, obviously, I had all my limbs and I had my mental faculties and I did have an education. There are some prerequisites you can’t get past. But if you’re listening to this video or podcast, you probably have the requisite means at your disposal, which is a functioning body and a functioning mind.

Casually insulting people missing a limb, those obviously wouldn't be listening to a podcast about making it anyway, right? Those guys are f*ed.

>If you’re a trusted, reliable, high-integrity, long-term thinking deal maker, then when other people want to do deals but they don’t know how to do them in a trustworthy manner with strangers, they will literally approach you and give you a cut of the deal or offer you a unique deal just because of the integrity and reputation that you have built up.

In the words of Mark Wahlberg spoken in The Other Guys: "Oh my god, you were a pimp".

>Warren Buffett, he gets offered deals, and he gets to buy companies, and he gets to buy warrants, and bailout banks and do things that other people can’t do because of his reputation.

Yes. The main reason I'm not asked to bail out banks is I don't have the reputation for it. The process is obviously: -"Who could help us bail out a dying bank and make billions in the process?" -"I think I know a guy who's trustworthy, Warren I think is his name." -"Are there any prerequisites to offering him the opportunity to help?" -"I don't think so Jim. It would help if he had some cash on hand but we'll figure things out if he doesn't!".

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