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That’s debatable at best. Bill Gates has saved countless lives through the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which wouldn’t exist if not for the money he made founding MSFT. A quick Google search would reveal many similar examples as well.

How do you know that the people he took money from in his illegal monopoly operation wouldn't have saved more lives?

It's not even about directly taking money - the inefficiences caused by his monopoly slowed down progress for many years, which meant saving fewer lifes that would've been possible if not for MS.

https://soundcloud.com/citationsneeded/episode-45-the-not-so... https://soundcloud.com/citationsneeded/episode-46-the-not-so...

I would recommend listening to these podcasts or skimming the show notes. _Especially_ if you're in education you know Bill Gates has done good, but he's also done a LOT of bad.

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