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The thing is, RSS is about dissemination of content while follow/like/comment is more about dissemination of opinion. There were indeed some protocols to fill the missing pieces, including json-ld for having some sane, common format and the Salmon protocol to make information go back up to the source. Like a salmon. But it definitely was a patchwork of multiple technologies with various advancement status and quasi-inexistant documentation.

Today all of those are dead now in favor of ActivityPub. AP loses a lot of the simplicity that could make RSS ubiquitous (you need a home server and na application server to handle api calls) but the expected interactions are all there, and it's built to be extensible.

In fact, I think reusing the "everything is a file" is definitely cool and makes things easier to try, but you would definitely benefit from using the whole JSON-LD taxonomy. Things are already defined and have been used for some time in production, so you can expect some work has been thrown at it. It'd also make collaboration easier.

Webmentions is a more modern protocol for this sort of functionality.

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