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Yes, that reply was incendiary and unnecessary, 100% concur. But I'm a parent of two kids and this did not make it any more clear to me ;-). I was thinking "oh my, I hope I don't find myself in that situation with my own son in 10 years, that's probably not going to be an easy problem to fix" not "the son must be autistic." Even though my best friend has a 25 year old daughter who's autistic and living at home (presumably for the rest of her life).

Just goes to show interpreting comments on the 'net without any context is easier said than done. I always try to keep positive assumptions in mind before I hit reply.

I try to not assume other people are either stupid or malicious, that if they see the world differently from me, they have good reasons. I think it makes me a better person, and it certainly makes me a more relaxed person.

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