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The combination of getting romantic advice from movies and the statutory rape vibes of this comment would lead me to suggest not following this advice, OP.

I didn't, and wouldn't, suggest getting "romantic advice" from movies: But it happens that some movies DO a good job illustrating some common, strong aspects of female emotions. That's not "advice" but just data from some samples. Partly the examples are in the movies BECAUSE much of the audience can or already does understand them -- so, indirectly what's in the movies is some of what is already commonly well understood in the audience. Besides, I explained that should take what was in common for the dozen or so women in those movies.

> "statutory rape"

Nonsense. 100% total nonsense. No where did I suggest or imply that they have sexual intercourse before she is 18 and married. And I would suggest that they not. If they don't have sexual intercourse, then there is no "rape".

You are profoundly confused.

You are also bitterly angry at me for NOTHING. I wrote calmly, rationally, clearly.

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