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Can't it be both? Late Stage Capitalism & Neoliberalism are responsible for the dissolution of traditional family values and other meaningful relationships?

How can 'meaningful relationships' be tacked on to that statement. Do they not exist anymore? Get a better argument. Further more, 'traditional family values' is not a well defined term and overly political. It claims that I NEED and should fit neatly into some kind of mold. Humans are individuals, a truth that traditionalist fail to internalize.

One can have a traditional loving partner, a traditional family, a traditional social circle and still be lonely.

One could feel isolated from their peer group because of happenstance and life choices leading to different economic outcomes.

One could feel isolated from their gender; no only because it is a social construct, but because the ones that represent you act like morons all the time.

One could feel isolated from a sibling because they are ill and can't afford healthcare.

One could feel isolated from themselves because they are have chronic pain or mental illness.

Blaming societal ills on one or two issues only divides further and obscures the macrocosm. If you want your 2.5 kids and a picket fence, godspeed, but don't step on others trying to find what makes them happy.

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