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slight digression but great book on Churchill: No More Champagne: Churchill and His Money


https://on.ft.com/2EUTgi7 review

https://youtu.be/xjpm44l8wD4?t=457 video of author talk

Sounds interesting.

> Churchill's parents lived in grand style on fairly small incomes, borrowing fortunes and spending even larger ones. Young Winston grew up thinking of money as a nuisance that other people had to worry about. Churchill carried on the family tradition tenfold when he became an adult.

I'm convinced you learn most of your financial wisdom or behaviour from childhood (and possibly some genetics thrown in). There always seems to be a pattern visible among the children and their parent's approach to frugality and spending. Probably affecting them in a way more subtle than they realize.

FWIW, the correlation between parent and child leaves open the possibility (likelihood, I would argue) of a significant genetic influence.

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