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You mean like this standard library code?


> I sense some frustration about the language... what happened to make you so anti-Go?

Go is C with GC and bounds checking, aka Limbo reborn with some Oberon-2 influence.

Already much better for our IT safety than sticking with C, still I kind of expected Google capable of producing Swift, Rust or TypeScript level of language design, given their pile of PhDs.

that's not standard library code? that's a link to one of the few thousand proposals for changing Go error handling... I'm not sure what you're trying to say here...

I think keeping Go this simple was an extremely hard thing to do for the designers. I don't know what the intentions were for Swift or Rust, but the Go team were always pretty straightforward that what they wanted was a safer C to write servers in. I think we all agree that they achieved that.

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