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It's the try! macro from Rust! Obviously I'm a big fan of this style of error handling, and I'm happy to see it proposed for Go.

Except it’s missing the part where sum types are used, resulting in oddities about the non-error part of the return value when the error part is set.

I mean, sure, but it's the best they can do while remaining compatible with all the Go code out there.

try! is dead, long live try.

Well, try! is dead quite literally. Rust still has the macro, but it is superseded by the ? operator.

That's the pun :). "The king is dead long live the king" originally comes from the French court and actually was used to refer to the old king dying and the heir to become the new king. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_king_is_dead,_long_live_th...!

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