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MakerSights | Lead: Data Science + Senior: Fullstack, Frontend, and Backend Engineers | San Francisco | Full-time | ONSITE (1)MakerSights uses real consumer input to enable world-class brands to decide what products they manufacture and sell. (2) We're a profitable, 28-person startup, based in SF's beautiful Jackson Square and we're going to double headcount and revenue this year. (3) Daily we work with the most exciting client-brands in the world and help them save millions of dollars, including Levi's, Madewell, All birds, Chinola, Hoka One One and more!

We are the product decision platform for retail, bridging the gap between what brands think consumers want and what consumers purchase. Aligned with the retail calendar, MakerSights’ AI-driven technology partners with product teams, informing and de-risking decision-making – across early-stage concepting, line planning, and go-to-market – before resources are committed.

Data Science: https://grnh.se/334cd2772 Fullstack: https://grnh.se/55971d322 Backend: https://grnh.se/7d2c45c42 Frontend: https://grnh.se/40bd7c3e2

Registration is open for Startup School 2019. Classes start July 22nd.

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