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Note 1: Boeing once toyed with a blended wing-body, a sort of flying wing, to produce dramatically better aerodynamics and fuel efficiency. Passengers would have sat in a wide cabin, rather like a small amphitheater. But tests with a mock-up produced such a negative reaction that the company dropped the technology, except for military refueling aircraft.

Unfortunately the source of that note, an article in the Economist from 2006, doesn't indicate when they tested. Standards and expectations of airline passenger comfort have degraded significantly over the years, so it might be reasonable to retest.

Although, I found an article from 2018 [1], quoting a Boeing VP of Product Development and Future Airplane Development, which basically says a blended wing design for commercial passenger aviation is unlikely because the required minimum height for passenger loading implies a minimum width that is quite large, and may not be very compatible with existing airports.

[1] https://leehamnews.com/2018/04/03/dont-look-for-commercial-b...

That link provides nothing to backup the previous claim.

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