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>>Police financing in India is pretty fucked up, and I find it surprising how we have a functioning society with such underfinanced and overworked police, even in the well to do urban areas.

Sorry sir, but this is plain wrong. Only two months back I was stopped by the police for 'fast driving', this is around a corner while I was turning at may be 10 kmph, in fact he just waved his hand in front of me. Irony be damned, it still qualified as 'fast driving' in his rule book- Which I translated as Why do you argue, just give me the money!

He asked for 200. I had no change, so he removed a bundle of notes to give me the change. From what I saw I estimated a good 2 lac worth cash in his pockets. There were three such men, so I guess their Sunday afternoon collection was close to 6 lacs. This is just in one corner, on one day, in an after noon. These people extort 100s of crores this way everyday.

There was a thread on Twitter a while back, where a women journalist reported she had CCTV camera footage where a constable was caught stealing her Honda Activa in the night, in uniform. Police several times in provides information to robbers in a area, if a family is out of the town, while the robbers steal they guard the home and protect while the robbers do their job. They also provide transport and logistics support in share for the theft.

Last decade when the Lokayukta of Karnataka was fairly active, they released a photograph of recovered jewelry from a raid from a inspectors home, a man came forward and reported that the jewelry in the photograph had ornaments stolen from his home a few years back. Beat that.

I hear your ordinary everyday circle inspector these days is worth a few hundred crores. They work hand-in-glove with liquor, land and drug mafia. This ain't even police, this is more like legalized mafia with unlimited powers and no accountability.

These people are not underfunded, these some of the most richest people in India currently. Their earnings are only behind politicians.

We have similar situation in Russia. For example, when one of high-ranking officers from anti-corrpution department was arrested, police found an equivalent of $123 000 000 in cash in his apartment [1]. He bought a separate apartment only to store the cash.

This amount of money can be compared to a budget of a city with population of 300 000 people.

[1] https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/senior-russi...

I think the problem is the most potent mechanism against corruption is the pension. No sane public servant, no matter how morally bankrupt, will take a small bribe that risks a large pension. Unfortunately, pensions are extremely expensive.

What are lacs and crores?

1 lac = 100,000; 1 crore = 10,000,000

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