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The beauty I see in it is that the corrupt official is offered the option to then pass this note on to someone else, whether that be whoever he needs to bribe or just a friend or family member affected by corruption. Giving someone else an alternative rather than just refusing to cooperate can catch them off guard and be quite disarming.

There is no beauty in it, you need to understand power play and how it manifests in real life. The official is taking bribe, because you have a need for some thing to be done and he wields power over you. If you do such nonsense, your work simply won't be done, and the official will simply create additional hurdles.

I understand power play. Are you saying the Zero Rupee Note doesn't achieve anything?

Yes, the Zero Rupee Note does not achieve anything at all. For e.g. if a traffic cop stops you, the first thing he does is that he takes your driver license. Good luck getting it back with your fancy Zero Rupee note.

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