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"Indian citizens pay approximately £3 billion (about $4.9 billion) in bribes each year." So with a million government/bribe-able officials in the country, that's $4900 a person, easily a doubling of salary.

There are FAR more than a million bribeable government workers in India. According to the ILO there were 55 million public sector employees in 2014. [1]

It isn't clear what percentage of them work in jobs that involve interaction with the public / businesses (and are therefore bribeable), but I would guess 50%, not 2%.

There are quite a few other factors to this calculation, though.

Quite often, bribe receivers pay a portion to their managers (who aren't directly bribeable but make hiring and promotion decisions). This happens in property registration offices for instance.

Also, not everyone bribeable actually takes bribes. There's a significant number that don't. For instance many postal workers and doctors don't take bribes.

Finally, bribes are very unequally distributed. A minister might get paid $100m, and bribes would basically form 100% of their income.

[1] https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_public_...

Tangential anecdata:- I know H1B workers who paid a "monthly % of their salary" to their Indian managers for bringing/sending them to the US on an H1B visa.

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