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SQream | Tel Aviv / Remote (Bay Area / NYC) | Full-time | https://sqream.com

SQream builds a high performance GPU-accelerated data warehouse for analytics. We aim to make data consumers' life easier, by returning control of the data to them - whether they're BI analysts, data scientists, data engineers, or DBAs. We solve the biggest issues in data with the help of our in-house developed SQL compiler, optimizer, and runtime written in Haskell, C++, CUDA, Python, and more.

Open positions include:

* VP R&D - Tel Aviv, Israel (onsite)

* Big Data Solutions Architect - Tel Aviv (onsite), New York (onsite), Bay Area (remote)

* Full stack developer - Tel Aviv, Israel (onsite)

* SQL Client driver engineer - Tel Aviv, Israel (onsite)

* Infrastructure and automation engineer - Tel Aviv, Israel (onsite)

* DBA for automation testing - Tel Aviv, Israel (onsite)

* BI developer for automation testing - Tel Aviv, Israel (onsite)

* Technical release manager - Tel Aviv, Israel (onsite)

* Hadoop and ETL engineer - Tel Aviv, Israel (onsite)

* Director of business development - New York, USA (onsite)

Our careers page: https://sqream.com/careers Questions? jobs@sqream.com

Registration is open for Startup School 2019. Classes start July 22nd.

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