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AccuLynx | Senior Software Engineer | Beloit, WI | Full-time, ONSITE/Partial REMOTE (Relocation available) AccuLynx is a software company that helps construction contractors manage their whole business. We are expanding our 17 person software engineering team and adding another couple Software Engineers. We have quite a bit of autonomy throughout our day, lots of input into the direction of the products we build, and get to innovate daily. Great pay, good perks, private offices, great hardware... basically you get to be treated like an adult. It's the best job I've ever had.

Our stack is mainly ASP.net, C#, VueJS, Elastic, Redis, and SQL Server. Honestly we don't care what technology stack you are familiar with, we just expect you to have mastered yours and be willing to learn.

Here is the software engineer position up on stack jobs: https://stackoverflow.com/jobs/135059/

Our interview process is pretty simple: 1. An engineer reviews your resume. 2. An engineer gives you a call to chat. 3. A couple of engineers talk with you face to face. No bubble sort whiteboard coding bull, just a conversation. 4. A take-home couple hour real-world coding audition: Build something that does these things. It’s not a stupid brain teaser or something requiring special knowledge.

Send an email to careers@acculynx.com with a resume attached to apply. Feel free to email me directly at plemke@ if you have questions!

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