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The Mobility House | Software Engineer (all levels) | Onsite | Austin, TX; Sunnyvale, CA

The Mobility House is driving the electrification of vehicle fleets with smart-charging technology that reduces operational costs, and monetizes EV batteries in energy markets.

We build the products that charge electric vehicles smarter and cheaper (by reducing peak loads at depots), and also stabilize the grid (25MW of power from second-life batteries in warehouses).

Most of the company is based in Munich, Germany... but our Austin backend dev team is expanding and looking for all levels of Software Engineers/Developers (Senior, Mid, and Junior).

Our stack is Python/Node.js + RabbitMQ + Postgres based with a lot of real-time data processing both in AWS and IoT (on-customer-prem).

The business team in Sunnyvale is also looking for some new faces to help with our sales/rollout.

Some other roles we are hiring for: Technical Product Owner (Austin, TX) Manager, Business Development and Strategic Partnerships (Sunnyvale, CA) Energy and Electric Vehicle Market Analyst (Sunnyvale, CA) Marketing and Communications Manager (Sunnyvale, CA)

More complete job descriptions should be available at https://www.mobilityhouse.com/usa_en/career shortly.

greg.lutostanski (at) mobilityhouse.com to apply or for more info

Registration is open for Startup School 2019. Classes start July 22nd.

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