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Command E | Senior Software Engineer (engineer #2) | San Francisco, CA or REMOTE (North America only)

Hi HN! I'm the Founder & CTO of Command E…a lightning-fast, secure way to instantly find anything in the cloud with a simple keyboard shortcut. We're building a desktop app (Electron/React/Redux/SQLite) that syncs cloud data locally to your laptop and provides a Spotlight-like search & command interface on top of your cloud data.

Command E is basically a CLI for business users, built on top of their cloud data. It's inspired by the "fuzzy finder" search boxes in IDEs (i.e. Command-T plugin in vi, Helm plugin in Emacs, ⌘T in Atom, ⌘P in VSCode, etc.). The app has a lot of polish and a very clean, simple design. We already support many enterprise and consumer cloud services (Salesforce, Google Docs, LinkedIn, Asana, Trello, 15+ more).

We're a small team of 3 Silicon Valley veterans, well-capitalized by top Silicon Valley VC firms + angel investors. Both co-founders are engineers who worked at a VC firm, Eventbrite, and Digg. Our office is at 2nd and Market in San Francisco.

We're looking to hire 2 senior/core engineers. You'll be building a top-notch Silicon Valley company with experienced founders going after a massive market: search. Electron experience (or desire) is a big plus, but we're open to other backgrounds too. My co-founder and I met ~5 years ago through a "Who's Hiring" thread so we're excited to see who responds to this one - please email me at ben@getcommande.com if you’re interested.

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