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Constructive mathematics is alive and well for 2 reasons.

1. The type theorists/homotopy theorists that are exploring homotopy/cubical type theory as a foundational approach.

2. The objective fact that in general the internal language of a topos (in general) does not validate the law of excluded middle or the axiom of choice. This means that if you prove a result while using constructive logic you can apply it to a broader class of models than classical logic. This viewpoint of logic makes the whole "argument" between constructive and classical logic seem very silly: it's like arguing whether or not it is "true" that groups are abelian. Some are and some aren't!

Intuisionism as in Brouwerian intuitionism with choice sequences etc that disprove LEM is still a niche subject, especially foundationally but is still being explored, with the help of understanding of sheaf models that allow it to be studied from a classical perspective.

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