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Writing code in a dark mode for as long as I can remember, I thought that I'd always prefer light text on dark background when reading text on a screen, but eventually I realized that I prefer dark text on light background for almost everything, except reading code. I like using syntax highlighting and for me colorful text on a light background, no matter the quality of the color theme, is harder to read than the inverse.

I do too — probably because most of my early coding was done over telnet / ssh and those almost always have white on black text.

Agree that colored text contrasts better on a black background too.

The reverse is probably why I have always preferred light-mode color schemes - I got my start with VB6 and then VC++ 6, where everything was black on white or black on light grey.

My first coding was done on paper: printing out the code, hand marking it up. Drafting a few new lines and then inputting them and re-running.

I still miss that way of doing development, probably more out of nostalgia than actual productivity.

This stuff is very subjective but for me if you have to use something like jsx where there is a lot of structure/punctuation then dark mode does make it easier to spot that mismatched bracket. But overall I prefer light mode because I can scan across pages of code much quicker and find what I want. The broader layout is more apparent to me.

For the same reason I definitely prefer to read long form text in light mode. Which means that I would have to switch between dark and light mode anyway (even if most web content was switchable to dark mode). So it's light mode for me with at most #F5F5F5 background for code

Maybe light mode is better for code review and dark for code writing. Subject to personal preference.

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