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I'm not at all qualified to answer such a broad question but I'll share my amateur opinions for what they're worth.

I believe people are gradually coming round to the point of view that constructive mathematics (including intuitionism) is a useful generalization of classical mathematics, rather than a handicap.

Proof assistants, while still fairly niche, continue to get more attention and the fact that constructive mathematics tends to give "proofs that compute" helps.

For what it's worth, I waffled on about this a little a few months ago right here: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=18404914

In my opinion HoTT is the most interesting subject in this area but we have yet to figure out exactly what its role is, and the extent to which it should serve in foundations. However the fact that it is a deep theory with significant value independent of its foundational role must surely help the constructive point of view. I think it's fair to say "Book HoTT" is not fully constructive since univalence is an axiom but this seems to have been resolved with the introduction of cubical type theory.

I also suspect the majority of mathematicians still spend very little time thinking about foundations.

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