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On the other hand, Indian elections have been electronic for almost a One and a half decades. These are standalone units with no networking. They added paper trail audit recently.


Sure it's possible to augment paper ballots with technology, but that just increases complication. If you still have a paper trail audit, why not just use paper to begin with? Either you audit the paper trail to have faith in the results or you trust the output of the machines.

Only auditing the paper trail when the electronic results seem suspicious is a vulnerability in my opinion.

All these technical solutions target the non-problem of counting results quickly. You can scale up paper ballot counting by including more people, which also strengthens trust in your democracy.

> you still have a paper trail audit, why not just use paper to begin with?

Basically because of ballot stuffing, booth capturing, ballot tampering, fake ballots etc etc. Paper ballots have been a major vurnerebility from experience of several decades in rough and tumble politics. The article on EVMs I linked has descriptions of it. The EVMs rate limit voting to prevent this from being a major motivation for political parties. The approach that seems to be tried and tested and working well seems to be to use dumb unconnected and robust electronic voting machines which can't be hacked without physical possession and the using massive security to prevent physical possession to attackers.

At all the voting booths I've been to in Canada it would be super obvious if you tried to stuff the ballot. Even in the latest Russian election it was dead obvious with many incidents being captured on camera. Why are people allowed to loiter around the box?

The problem is they have no protocol for better protecting the ballot box and responding to ballot stuffing attempts and incidents. If you're not going to protect the ballot box it doesn't matter what tech you use for voting.

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